WW (Weight Watchers® reimagined) discount for Fallon Health members

As a Fallon member*, you can get discounted rates for WW memberships when you sign up through this designated website.

Fallon Health members get:

  • Discounts for WW Digital
  • Discount on WW Unlimited Workshops + Digital (in-person and Virtual Workshops) 

To take advantage of this discount, visit WW online and use the Fallon Access ID 59685.

Your subscription will be automatically renewed each month at the discount rate until you cancel.**

Submit your receipts for It Fits! reimbursement

Once you’ve purchased either WW membership, you can then submit your proof of purchase for reimbursement with an It Fits! form.

* Benefits and coverage may vary by product, plan design and employer. Eligible Medicare Advantage and NaviCare members will continue to call Fallon's Customer Service Department in order to receive the 13-consecutive week WW program coupons.

** Your account will be charged up to 15 days prior to your next billing cycle.

 WW® is a registered trademark of WW International, Inc.